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I am of simple pleasures,
strong candles,
bright colors,
and nature walks.

In my world,
there is no place for chaos.
There is no room for corruption.
Yuu can not dirty my mind.

I am of innocent thoughts,
easy breezes,
naive talks,
forgiving nature.

In my heart,
there is no place for hatred.
There is no room for doubt.
Yuu can not convince me otherwise.

My boyfriend and I were together just a month shy of 2 years
We broke up the night before last.
I can’t say anything on Facebook yet
I don’t want my family to know
I’m not ready to go public yet
For the whole world to know
I failed as a girlfriend
He gave me up for her..
This is just so three years ago.
I just had to tell someone.
Don’t say anything to my mom.

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