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I told yuu I wasn’t talking to yuu anymore.
Of course that meant
“I’ll respond if yuu text me,
“But I’m done being pushed aside,
“I’m done telling yuu good night
“While I lie awake crying.”

I know yuu need time
In 11 years, I have learned this.
We have so much to learn about love.
We have so much to learn about ourselves.
So for 11 years we have given each other time.

So when I am up wondering,
What yuu were doing,
Who yuu are with,
How yuu are feeling ,
I am fighting the urge to burden yuu.

But not a day has passed that yuu haven’t missed me,
Wondered what I was up to,
Where I was headed,
How I was doing.

And this brings me peace.
Yuu just need some time.

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