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So I’m looking up tips on how to keep my tattoo looking bright and fresh and so far so good except one thing…
Should I use petroleum jelly or unscented lotion? The artist said to use unscented lotion but when I put some on yesterday it really burned (which also might have been because of the J&J brand.)
So far every site says either will work but I’m just wondering if the lotion has a different affect on colour ink.
Does anyone out there have an answer for me?



Enough of this “gender neutral” “gender fluid” “bi” “cis” trans” bullshit.
How ‘bout we’re all just people? How ‘bout we do, act, wear and say whatever we fucking feel like?
How ‘bout we stop justifying who we love and what we’re into and we all just fucking live?

Don’t say shit like “we as a community” to strangers on the internet, because some of us are in that community too and just don’t feel as sensitive as people like yuu.
Alls I’m saying is, who cares if yuur a girl who dresses like a boy that dates boys? Who cares if yuur a girly lesbian? Why does it matter so much what other people are doing or saying? Why can’t our so called “community” stop trying so hard to put everything in a box so others can judge us?
It’s because everyone is so worried about proving themselves instead of just saying “Fuck everyone” and just actually BEING themselves.
Everyone just wants to think they’re special, like being gay is a rare species that might disappear if everyone stops talking about it.

Okay Stoners of Milwaukee, serious inquiry here.
So last year I found an awesome store that sold cute glass pipes for great prices, and I bought over 20$ of the ones that cost $3 or less to give my friends as Christmas presents.
I want to find something similar to give to all my friends that smoke that would be unique to each person and less than 60$ altogether.
So far all I can think of is either decorative ash trays, or incense and incense holders. Can anybody else think of something cute and cheap to give over 20 stoners?

Okay Stoners of Tumblr, serious inquiry here…
So last year I found a store that sold cute glass pipes, and bought over 20 of them for under 3$ a piece to give to my friends as Christmas presents…
I want to do something similar this year but I can’t think of a gift that everyone would love, each would be unique and would cost less than 60 all together.
So far I have thought of small ash trays for roaches or insent

I told yuu I wasn’t talking to yuu anymore.
Of course that meant
“I’ll respond if yuu text me,
“But I’m done being pushed aside,
“I’m done telling yuu good night
“While I lie awake crying.”

I know yuu need time
In 11 years, I have learned this.
We have so much to learn about love.
We have so much to learn about ourselves.
So for 11 years we have given each other time.

So when I am up wondering,
What yuu were doing,
Who yuu are with,
How yuu are feeling ,
I am fighting the urge to burden yuu.

But not a day has passed that yuu haven’t missed me,
Wondered what I was up to,
Where I was headed,
How I was doing.

And this brings me peace.
Yuu just need some time.

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